Skin Game-changer | Skin Cleanse + S.W. Basics

Skin Game Changer: Skin Cleanse + S.W. Basics | All Purpose Flour Child

I first heard about Adina Grigore, the author of Skin Cleanse and founder of S.W. Basics, on a podcast a while ago.  I highly recommend listening to it here and here if you're interested.  I became instantly fascinated with Adina's philosophy of healthy, happy skin through simple and natural ingredients since I've always struggled with my skin.  

The Book | Skin Cleanse
In her book, Skin Cleanse, Adina writes about her frustrations and struggles with her own skin and trying just about everything under the sun to no avail.  Boy, can I relate to that.  She finally has an epiphany while in nutrition school that she could soothe and heal her troubled skin with just a few simple and natural ingredients she already had in her pantry.  We're talking stuff like olive oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, essential oils.  She even includes tons of recipes in the book for all kinds of easy DIY cleansers, toners, and masks.  The first half of the book is largely focused on the way we eat and what we put into our bodies since that is the single biggest factor in skin health (and overall health in general for that matter).   

I found the book the perfect blend of informative and information-dense while still being relatable and entertaining.  I can honestly say this book has completely changed my perspective on the products I use on the outside of my body.  It's challenging to take a good hard look at every single product you're using, down to toothpaste and deodorant, but Adina points out it's no different than scrutinizing a box of food before you purchase it at the store.  Not that I didn't try use more natural skin care products before, but I've really challenged myself to go a step further. 

Skin Game Changer: Skin Cleanse + S.W. Basics | All Purpose Flour Child

The Products | SW Basics
Before Adina wrote the book, she founded a natural skin care company based on all the DIY recipes she created for her own skin ailments.  It blows my mind how simple the ingredient list is for the whole line of products (like 3-5 ingredients tops!) , but really that's how it should be!   Stuff we put on our skin ends up in our bodies just like the food we eat.  I don't know about you but I want to be able to pronounce everything I put on my skin and know that it's not harmful.  I wanted to test out a couple different things in the line so I bought the mini bestsellers kit so I could test out the essentials.  I love all of them and my skin does too but I will say I found the cleanser and makeup remover a little challenging to use.  They were both effective in cleaning my face and taking off my makeup but I had to work at it and I felt like I was using too much product each time I was taking my makeup off for how much the product costs.  But in the book Adina does say Dr. Bronner's is ok to use if you're feeling the need for a slightly sudsier cleanser so I've been using the almond one lately and I'm really enjoying it.  And it's Adina-approved so I feel good using it.  The toner and cream, though!  I am obsessed with both!  The toner is magical.  It clears up my blemishes so well and it feels so refreshing.  It's become my favorite part of my nightly routine and I oddly look forward to it.  I swipe a little over my whole face with a cotton round after I wash my face at night and then I follow up with the cream.  The cream is so moisturizing and soothing.  Normally I can't stand any kind of greasy lotions or cream but I don't mind this one at all.  I wake up with soft, perfectly moisturized skin in the morning.  

If you're struggling with your skin or even nutrition, I highly recommend Adina's book.  And if you're looking to try some of the SW Basics products but you don't want to order online, the brand is also sold at a lot of Targets, which is awesome.  Aaand... I'll let you in on a little secret.  I found this recipe for the toner and I've been making it and refilling my bottle!  Much more cost-effective and kinda fun!  Do you already use SW Basics or have you read Skin Cleanse?  What did you think?