All Purpose Flour Child
All Purpose Flour Child

For as long as I can remember, I've always felt most at peace when I'm creating, whether that's whipping up dinner in the kitchen, baking something elaborate for a friend or event (or just because), painting, or working on my latest DIY project.  And yes, I'm THAT girl who brings homemade baked goods to work on a regular basis.  I love making things with my own hands and this little blog of mine is my place to share my creations with you.

For The Love of Coffee.
Working for Starbucks, it's probably no surprise I'm passionate about coffee.  I've, no joke, been obsessed with Starbucks and coffee in general since before I was even old enough to drink it.  I can't quite pinpoint what first drew me to the brand at such a young age except to say my little creative self was attracted to the artistry and craftsmanship of all that the brand emanates.  As I grew older, my obsession grew into a strong admiration for all Starbucks stands for and does for the coffee industry, for its customers, for its farmers, and for its partners (employees) and I'm so proud I get to contribute in some small way.  I love experimenting with new brewing methods, tasting new coffees and discovering old favorites, and sharing my coffee passion and knowledge with others.  



The flour child //

Hi, I'm Taylor!
Above all else, I love Jesus and my faith is a big, big part of me.  Working everyday to be more like Christ and trying to love people is not easy, but it's so worth it.
I have always loved creating things.  I would consider myself an artist, a baker, and a cook (insert "self-taught/novice" before each of those titles).  My love for cooking and creating was instilled in me from a young age.  My dad can, and has, built and made just about anything from scratch (furniture, cars, jewelry, you name it!) and I like to think I inherited just the tiniest hint of his skill and expertise.  My mom is one of the best cooks I know and she passed her passion and love for food and cooking down to my little sister and me.  Growing up, she always let me help her in the kitchen, even if I was really making more of a mess than helping. This gave me the confidence to get in the kitchen on my own and not be afraid to fail.  She is also a talented seamstress and crafter-extroidinaire.  She has about the cutest etsy shop ever, named after the family weiner dog, Olive.  


My Food Philosophy.
It all boils down to simple, real food.  I try to buy organic if and when possible. Though it may sometimes be the more expensive route, I truly believe there's no better investment than your health.  I cook and eat mostly clean, whole foods rather than those that are boxed and over-processed.  It feels more fulfilling creating something from scratch in the kitchen and it gives me great peace of mind knowing I'm nourishing my body with foods that still resemble what they were in nature, you know?  Plus, I just feel better.  But life's about balance, too so don't think I'm not gonna have my pizza and eat it too.  And try as I may, if Cinnamon Toast Crunch and I come face-to-face, I can't turn that ish down (and yes- I've tried all the organic alternatives- they just don't cut it).  I also wholeheartedly believe in treating yourself and treating yourself well. I believe in butter, in flour, in eggs, and all the other good stuff, so don't worry.  You'll find plenty of delicious recipes on this blog, but you can feel good about eating them too. 

You can expect to see lots of recipes, DIYs, and other created things and bits about music I'm currently loving, design, and other things that inspire me.  







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