The most epic French Grilled Cheese combined with juicy, Summer Heirloom Tomatoes  

Heirloom Tomato Croque Madame Sandwiches

squidgy bread, juicy tomatoes, gooey cheese, silky bechamel sauce, all crowned with a fried egg


The perfect backyard barbecue or summer party dessert  

Blueberry Basil Skillet Cobbler with Cornbread Biscuits

sweet, juicy blueberries tossed with aromatic basil and topped with fluffy cornbread biscuits


A spring pasta bursting with Fresh, Crisp Flavor  

Fresh Pea Pesto With Papardelle + Burrata

sweet, crisp peas whipped into an herbaceous and bright pesto and tossed with tender pasta and creamy burrata cheese


A comprehensive list of All The goods I stock at all times  

All Purpose Essentials | Pantry Staples

A little peek inside my cupboards


'90s kids rejoice: Pop Tarts all grown up  

Rhubarb, Ginger + Goat Cheese Pop Tarts

sweet, tangy, and spicy filling wrapped in a buttery, flaky crust and crowned with pink icing, duh


Like chips + dip but better  

Beet Chips + Charred Scallion Hummus

a smoky, ultra creamy hummus perfectly paired with crisp, sweet + earthy homemade chips


a delicious + Simple way to jazz up that lunch salad  

Perfect Chicken Salad

juicy, perfectly poached chicken tossed in a tangy, herby vinaigrette


Hi, I'm Taylor! 

Welcome to All Purpose Flour Child, a food + lifestyle blog bringing you approachable, seasonal recipes with wholesome ingredients that will make you excited to cook and to eat. When I'm not working at Starbucks HQ in Seattle, I can usually be found experimenting in the kitchen or tinkering with my latest DIY.  I'm pretty serious about my iced coffee, obsessed with poppy red nail polish, and have a heart for music of the '70s and VW vans.


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