The Ultimate Fall Version Of Everyone’s Favorite Childhood Breakfast 

Maple Bourbon PUmpkin Pop Tarts

a creamy, bourbon-infused filling stuffed inside buttery, flaky pastry and slathered in a bourbon maple glaze


The quintessential fall apple orchard treat  

Baked Sour Cream Apple Cider Doughnuts

a perfectly moist, tender, and tangy cake doughnut bursting with apple flavor and fall spices


the only cookie recipe you’re gonna need for Fall  

Brown Butter Hawaij-Spiced Snickerdoodles

perfectly chewy cookies with hints of nutty, toasted butter and a Yemini spice blend akin to cozy gingerbread


A hearty, simple, + cozy meal perfect for hurried weeknights and leisurely weekends alike  

Lentil Chili-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

fluffy roasted sweet potatoes filled with smoky vegetarian lentil chili and topped with all the fixin’s


an modern twist on a classic old Fashioned Fall Tradition  

Rosemary Rye Applesauce Cake

a not-too-sweet snacking cake with toasty, malty notes and kept pleasantly moist with rich applesauce and perfumed with fresh rosemary


delicious little Fall morsels  

Apple, brie, + salami Scones

bits of sweet apple, salty salami, + creamy brie are folded into buttery, flaky scone dough and baked to golden perfection


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