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All Purpose Cravings | All Purpose Flour Child

Happy New Year!  I don't know about you but I'm so ready for a clean slate and a fresh new year so let's do this, 2016!  I've got big plans for the blog this year so (fingers crossed), we'll see how it goes!  

Today I'm sharing the first post in a new series I'm calling All Purpose Cravings where I share with you all the stuff I've been into lately, have stumbled upon, and just can't get enough of.  So, here goes!  Are you a fan of any of this stuff already?  What have you been into?  Tell me in the comments! 


All Purpose Cravings | All Purpose Flour Child

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I know I'm probably really late to the join the bandwagon on this one but I can't get enough of podcasts, lately!  My favorite time to listen to them is during long car rides (I drove back and forth to my hometown just about every weekend in December!) and going for walks.  I get totally lost in the conversation/story and it makes time go by so fast!  Here are my absolute favorites: 

Serial This was my gateway podcast, the one that sucked me in and got me hooked.  Each season focuses on a single, true story and is told week by week.  Serial is from the creators of This American Life, so if you like that vibe, check this one out.  Season 1 was absolutely fascinating and Season 2 is just as gripping.  

One Part Podcast  Jessica Murnane is a plant-based food blogger who is incredibly funny and is so real and down to earth.  She always interviews really interesting and inspiring guests, too.  Her podcast makes me laugh, learn and always leaves me feeling inspired.  Highly recommend you check her out!  And don't worry, she doesn't just talk about plants if that's not your thing.

Mystery Show If you want to get swept up in a story, I highly recommend this one.  Host Starlee Kine takes a Nancy Drew approach to solving mysteries she encounters and just has to get to the bottom of.  The best part: she does it all without the aid of the internet, which makes for an even more interesting story.  The mysteries solved are always surprising, heart-warming, and never disappointing. 

Burnt Toast If you follow Food 52 on instagram or their website, you'll love this podcast.  It's hosted by Kenzi Wilbur, the managing editor of Food 52 and covers foodie topics that don't make it on to the website.  She interviews fellow Food 52 employees as well as other foodies in the world.  Very entertaining and interesting.  

Music! (duh) 

This whole album.  I just saw Wish I Was Here for the first time the other day and wow, just wow.  If Zach Braff wanted to curate my entire music collection, that'd be alright with me.  The Garden State soundtrack is one of my favorite soundtracks like ever so it's not surprising this one is almost as good.  The only bummer is the best songs are available album only (of course).  So, I bought the whole album, naturally.  I highly recommend you listen to the whole thing but here are my favorites:

Heavenly Father | Bon Iver (as if I didn't love him enough already!) 

Raven's Song | Aaron Embry

No One To Let You Down | The Head and The Heart  (I mean, just all the feels.) 

BONUS!  This isn't on the album but I stumbled across it recently too.  Listen!!  I got chills, yo.

 I heard about this show through the One Part Podcast, funnily enough.  The PBS show follows Phil Rosenthal, the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, as he travels to different cities all over the world and eats his way through the city, basically.  I know there are a million shows out there with this premise already, but Phil's charm and infectious humor and kind heart are what will draw you in.  He is adorably nerdy and so fun to watch.  

here's a teaser

The Newsroom

All Purpose Cravings | All Purpose Flour Child

I love this show!!  This isn't a new show and it's actually already come and gone, but that's fine with me.  Easier to binge-watch that way.  It was an HBO show and unfortunately, it's not on Netflix right now but the first two seasons are free on Amazon if you have prime.  It follows a news anchor played by Jeff Daniels (love him), and all the things that go on behind closed doors of producing a hard-hitting evening news program.  It might sound boring but I promise it's not!  The characters and plot lines are so interesting!  

here's a teaser


Wilde House Paper 

I stumbled upon this new stationary company through a new favorite blog of mine, A Fabulous Fete, which you should also check out if you're into paper goods and calligraphy like I am.  Wilde House is a monthly subscription box similar to Birchbox or all the other subscription boxes out there now, but is especially geared towards paper goods and stationary.  My kinda box.  Their aesthetic mixes pretty hand-lettering and cool and modern colors and patterns with useful and unique pieces that have a sassy sense of humor.  Fun, right?  I haven't even received my first box yet but I just know I'm going to love it.  Each box is a surprise but they give you a little taste of what the box will be like with a mood board on their blog each month when a new box is ready to order.  Such a genius idea.

Tranquil Dream Tea

I'm seriously obsessed with this tea!  I've made it a part of my nightly routine and have a cup before bed almost every single night now.  It's an herbal chamomile-based tea with hints of lemongrass, mint and my favorite: orange petals.  This tea is so soothing and although I'd classify it as a sleepy-time tea, you could definitely drink it all day long.  It is looseleaf, which I'll admit isn't my favorite because I'm lazy and can't be bothered to use those fancy strainers that are a pain to clean.  So I like to use these disposable tea bags, which makes it a whole lot easier. 

Sam Edelman Booties

I've been pretty much living in these booties since I got them a couple months ago.  You've probably seen these everywhere by now and me too but for good reason: they're awesome!  They are comfortable, easy to walk in, and go with EVERYTHING.  They also come in tons of different colors and fabrics.  Thinking pretty seriously about getting a black pair next.  I love that they are perfect for all seasons, too so I don't have to say goodbye to them like all my other boots come springtime.  I plan on pairing them with lots of skirts and dresses come summertime.

Tell me what you've been into lately!  Got any good podcasts for me?