delicious little Fall morsels  

Apple, brie, + salami Scones

bits of sweet apple, salty salami, + creamy brie are folded into buttery, flaky scone dough and baked to golden perfection


Meet the distant, peachy cousin of tiramisu  

grilled Peach Parfaits with Amaretti Cookie Crumbles + Mascarpone Cream

 sweet and juicy grilled peaches are layered up with crispy Italian almond cookies and rich, creamy mascarpone cream for the perfect Summer dessert


a revamped version of my favorite dessert ever  

Summer Fruit Cobbler Bars 2.0

 juicy Summer stone fruit and berries sandwiched between a crispy shortbread base and buttery streusel crumbles


A celebration of Summer Produce served up on a chip  

Blistered Corn + SHishito Pepper Nachos

sweet Summer corn and mild Shishito peppers are lightly charred and sprinkled over cheesy nachos bursting with flavor


The easiest, most refreshing ice cream you'll make all summer  

No-Churn Lemon Swirl Poppy Seed Ice Cream

creamy vanilla poppy seed base, store-bought creamy + tart lemon curd, and chewy brown sugar lemon shortbread crumbles


All of Summer's Finest nestled atop a bed of creamy cheese and baked to bubbling perfection  

White Pizza with Summer Stone Fruit + Heirloom Tomatoes

garlicy, herby cheese mixture anchors juicy sweet stone fruit and the ripest Summer tomatoes


An Iconic summer sip with a fresh twist  

Sparkling Cold Brew Arnold Palmers

sweet and tart lemonade combine with rich, smooth cold brew iced coffee and a touch of effervesence


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