Essential Oil DIYs for the Home with Vitruvi

Essential Oils For The Home With Vitruvi | All Purpose Flour Child

I know it may seem a little over the top to make your own cleaning supplies but there are a few I love to create myself and I think totally worth it.  These are quick and easy and much more affordable than their store-bought counterparts, too!  So, why wouldn't you want to make them yourself, right?  I hope you enjoy these two simple DIYs and let me know if you make them!

Essential Oil DIYs For The Home With Vitruvi | All Purpose Flour Child


WHY IT'S BETTER | Creating your own custom roomspray means you can create your own perfect scent!  And this is non-toxic so you're not breathing in chemicals while "neutralizing" your space.


Room Spray //

+ 3.5 oz distilled water
+ 3.5 oz witch hazel
+ 15 drops sweet orange essential oil
+ 15 drops lemon essential oil
+ 10 drops spruce essential oil
+ 8 oz glass spray bottle

In a measuring cup or jar, combine the water, witch hazel, and essential oils.  Transfer to spray bottle, shake it up and spritz away!

USE INSTEAD OF | Comet or other abrasive cleaners

WHY IT'S BETTER | First of all, it smells amazing!  And also, it's not chemical-based so you're not breathing in toxic fumes!  But the best part: it's cheaper to make aaaand it works even better!  Hard to believe, right?  Try it!


All-Purpose Surface Scrub //

+ 1/2 c baking soda
+ 10 drops rosemary essential oil
+ 10 drops sweet orange essential oil
+ 7 drops spruce essential oil
glass jar
+ organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar

to make
Spoon the baking soda into the jar and add in the essential oils.   Place lid on and shake to evenly disperse essential oils.

to use
In a small bowl, combine a few tablespoons of scrub mix with a few teaspoons of vinegar, until desired paste consistency is reached.  Use a damp cloth and scrub away on any surface and watch the grime disappear!

Essential Oils For The Home With Vitruvi | All Purpose Flour Child

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