All Purpose Playlist | Christmas Edition!

All Purpose Playlist | Christmas Edition! | All Purpose Flour Child

Christmas season is upon us!  Which means Christmas music is in heavy rotation around here.  I think most people wait to start listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.  Full disclosure: I am not most people.  In our family, Christmas music is fair game the day after Halloween... why not?  If it's only acceptable once a year, why not stretch it out a little! But, I tried to exercise a little restraint and waited until now to share.

So, I've put together my all-time favorite Christmas tunes, and just a warning: you will find no Mariah Carey or N'Sync here (sorry not sorry).  This is the good stuff.  The classic crooners, the all-time best holiday soundtracks, and aaall the nostalgic feels, with a few of my indie favorites thrown in.  I tried to select a nice variety but let me tell you, it's all I could do not to add the entire Nat King Cole Christmas album (insert embarrassed emoji).  To me, it's the quintessential Christmas album.  It's the album we listen to on Christmas morning when we gather around the tree at an insanely early hour (like 6AM at the latest!) in our pjs and start to open presents.  When those first couple of notes of The Christmas Song float through the speakers, I get chills.  That sound means Christmas.  It's finally here!  Hey, what's your favorite Christmas album?  Tell me in the comments! 

All Purpose Playlist | Christmas Edition - click here to listen